How To Be Successful With MonaVie MLM Business

A friend of mine called me a while ago and was telling me about this fantastic juice that he has been consuming. Keep in mind that this gentleman was not excited when he got a promotion at his job and now he is very excited about this magic juice. I immediately sense that he just signed up as a rep for some MLM company and he is trying to sell me that product. At this stage, I was shy and wasn’t confident in discussing about my business opportunity. Definitely, he didn’t know that I am in the same industry. Well that juice was a MonaVie juice.

MonaVie is a beverage corporation. MonaVie drink was established in Jan 2005. started in 2003. At first, their product was weight loss and dieting suppliments. This product is said to have an antioxidant and health benefit. Juice concentrate was blended to make this MonaVie juice with a freeze-dried acai powder and puree. The Juice is distributed mainly through a multi-level marketing (MLM) business model. Now I know you probably don’t care about all this.

There are eight ways you can get compensated in MonaVie; * Direct Sales and preferred customer bonus * Bulk Order Bonus * First Order Bonus * Star Maker Bonus * Team bonuses * Executive Check Match Bonus * Leadership bonus * Multiple Business Centers

The company has different executive ranking. They are BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, RUBY, EMERALD, DIAMOND and BLUE DIAMOND. The top most level you can accomplish in MonaVie is called the Triple Crowne Black Diamond. You will get $3,000,000 bonus when you get to this status and other rewards. A Royal Diamond executive makes, on a average, in the excess $3,000,000 per annum. However; the mean income per year of a MonaVie distributor from July 2008 to June 2009 was $2,918.22. $3000 per year. I guess it’s the same story after all.

Like other Network marketing companies, you will make most of your money when you recruit and help your team make money. There is no way around this. You need an Online MLM lead generation systemthat will attract the prospect. Some people have problem in helping others make money. This is the wrong business for folks like that. The company offers some great training program and tools to help their distributors thrive. But I have to be sincere here; THEY ARE THE OLD INEFFECTIVE PRACTICE. I mean, there is reason why the average networker makes $10/week.

Just like other Network Marketing companies, MonaVie distributors are facing difficulties out there. 99% of them are struggling. They are mostly still mystified in the old ways of doing business. They are still calling very expensive cold leads. They are teaching them to chase families and friends. They are still doing the stupid 3 Foot Rule MLM prospecting thing. You will run out of friends and family to talk very soon. So what happens after that? You will not build a huge organization from just family and friends.

The common problem is the lack of leads. It doesn’t matter how great a company is. The compensation plan can be 100% commission for all I care. You need Opportunity seekers and buyers to recruit. You need an MLM lead generation system that will bring prospects to you with their credit cards in their hand. MonaVie itself will not attract people. You attract people. People will get or not get the MonaVie Opportunity only because of YOU. How are you branding yourself?

So do I recommend MonaVie? To be truthful, we are not a big fan of selling juice. However, if you have in place an online MLM lead generation system in place; ONLY IF, you will be successful in MonaVie business opportunity.

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